Sliding New Wave Doors

Every customer has different requirements, and functionality demands unique to them: choosing between our Bi-fold Doors and New Wave Doors, is no exception. The choice purely comes down to flexibility.

With New Wave doors, there are no visible hinges, and the advantage is that because each glazed panel moves independently, it offers that flexibility: you can decide whether you want to open one door, or enjoy the fully opened uninterrupted view of your garden; if you are entertaining, then why not have one opening for outward travel, and one on the opposite side for inward travel. Another advantage of the New Wave Door is that they are easier to open than Bi-folding doors due to their individual opening system. It ultimately comes down to how flexible you want your doors to be, and that centres around your personal preference.

Offering panoramic opening features, you can open up your living space to combine the versatility of being able to enjoy the best of outdoor living with the converse security and warmth of the indoors when closed. When you need to push the limits of practicality, to match the lifestyle demands of modern life, then there’s no better way of achieving that balance, than with New Wave Doors.

We have both Bi-fold and New Wave sliding doors in our Rugby showroom, so the best advice is always to come and see what is going to work best for you. Our staff will happily show you the benefits of both, so that you can decide which you prefer.

Remember that our New Wave Doors can be double or triple glazed, with ‘A’ rated toughened glass, utilising an internally hard coated Planitherm Low-e Argon filled cavity for superior thermal efficiency. Simply put, this means that your doors will benefit from the highest possible energy efficiency available.