Tile Effect Warm Roofs

It’s about ….knowing your secure

Warm Roofs are becoming a more popular high-end choice when it comes to considering the alternatives available. So what’s the appeal of a Warm Roof Conservatory? And can I convert my existing conservatory?

You can discern between a Glass Roof System and a Warm Roof System depending upon what you will be using the Conservatory for, and whether or not it is more practical to create an extra room as opposed to ‘just’ a conservatory. In reality, a Warm Roof offers a useable space which has the advantages of being flooded with natural light, yet more perceptively sheltered from the elements; with a tile effect heavy duty quality Aluminium Reinforced Roof System, fully insulated and internally plastered. So it has the feel of an additional room and the full benefits of a conservatory in one.

We have built some of the most spectacular Conservatories using this system, for delighted Customer’s in and around Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. The quality, and robustness of this system when fitted correctly, can totally transform your home, offering all of the benefits of a quality Conservatory, but with more versatility than a Glass Roof System.

Whether you are sitting around a table sharing a meal with family or friends, or simply relaxing for the evening, there is a greater sense of privacy, with the paradoxical sense of panorama, affording you to enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset in complete peace.

To convert your existing conservatory, many things need to be considered: the depth of your existing foundations need to support the additional weight of a heavier roof system, and the UPVC window frames will need to be steel reinforced. This type of roof system will not always be compatible with your existing Conservatory.

For more information on Tile Effect Warm Roofs, there isn’t anyone more experienced or trustworthy when it comes to a complete Conservatory solution. Call Rugby Double Glazing today for expert advice.