Warm Roof

It’s about ….knowing you’re in safe hands

Leka Warm Roof

A lightweight, tiled and insulated warm roof with an energy efficiency U-Value of 0.15. This roof is installed in layers, which helps to maintain excellent insulation thus improving energy efficiency, lowering your carbon footprint and reducing the noise impact on your home.

A Leka Roof has a good life span when compared to concrete and traditional slate roof alternatives. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) in the main roof rafters is utilised and therefore there is no risk of issues related to condensation, shrinkage, cold bridging, wood worm or rotting. A specialised insulated finishing board improves insulation and is lightweight. With no need for outer plywood, the structure is completely weatherproof and in no danger of rotting and the whole structure is light enough in most instances to be supported by an existing conservatory frame.

LivinRoof & UltraRoof

The livinRoof and the ultraRoof by ultraframe are another option if you are considering a warm roof replacement for your conservatory or a new build conservatory addition to your home.
The ultraRoof is a lightweight tiled roof, which comes in a variety of colours and is easily integrated with glass panels to allow in a proportion of light into the room, whilst maintaining a more solid looking roof and excellent thermal efficiency.

The livinRoof is a lightweight, quick to install solid roof which can allow for glazing panels and is very thermally efficient.