New Build Warm Roof Conservatory

A traditional build conservatory with either a glass or polycarbonate roof is an amazing space in any home, it adds space, a light filled room and value. However, it has its limitations and draw backs, particularly in terms of being too warm in summer and too cold in winter to fully utilise the space. A warm roof conservatory added to your property will enhance the style and appeal of your home with the look of an extension, but far more importantly, it will allow you to enjoy a completely habitable space in which to relax, entertain, or make space for a growing family. You will be able to use the space all year round and allow your conservatory to be a highly functional room within your home.

We use Durabase in the construction of our conservatories, warm roof garden rooms and small extensions. This is a bespoke product for each individual build, which is specifically engineered leaving no room for human error in the build or creation of the floor and walls.
These bases can be built and installed in any weather, with reduced mess compared to normal builds and without the need for diggers or specialist trades and is therefore quick and efficient to install.

There are a variety of brick colours to choose from to either match or contrast with your home and each product is extremely thermally efficient with low u values.

Building regulations are taken care of through JHAI certification and everything is backed with a 25-year guarantee for total piece of mind.