Sash Windows

It’s about ….knowing you’re in safe hands

If you require replacement Sash Windows, or want to recreate the original period look of your property, then take a look at our Vertical Sliding Sash Windows. Characterised by the grand Georgian town houses, our sliding sash windows have all of the looks of a traditional wooden windows; but with advanced mechanisms and counterbalancing, they are more smooth-running than the originals ever were.

A great advantage of these windows over the originals is that they won’t stick, warp, or rot. And you’ll never need to paint them! Low maintenance is the key to these windows, whilst retaining the original style and character of traditional wooden sash windows.
If you want to keep the staff beads and architrave around your traditional sash windows, but want high performance, energy saving new double glazed windows, it is possible to install them within the original sash boxes.

These VEKA fully sculptured, high gloss and heavy duty UPVC windows, fitted in the bathroom of a traditional terraced house, use the latest in glass and glazing technology to create the highest ‘A’ rated energy saving window (VEKA were the first company to ever produce an ‘A’ rated window).

A flying mullion has been used in order that both sides of the window can open without a permanent mullion remaining, this way you get the benefit of a maximum opening aperture whilst maintaining a weather proof seal when closed to keep out the worst of the cold weather.

Therefore, we have managed to create a beautiful traditional look inside the bathroom whilst our client will benefit from new windows to keep out cold and draughts.